Established (Message Series)

Week 1 – Knowing God

John 17:3 – “Now this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”  Jesus taught that eternal life is not about a destination.  It’s about a relationship – it’s about knowing God.

Week 2 – Hearing God

God still speaks today – but we’ve got to learn how to tune in.  So, how do we hear the voice of God; how do we tune in; and how do we learn to be guided by him?  In John, chapter 10 Jesus is speaking and he tells us that he wants us to know his voice – and in that, we’re learning and knowing the voice of God.

Week 3 – Talking with God

Today’s session is about talking with God. That means prayer. Prayer is communication with God. A lot of us are intimidated by prayer. Why? Because we have a misunderstanding of what it is, what God expects, and how it works. So, in this session, we will cover some principles of prayer.

Week 4 – Serving God

True soul satisfaction is totally upside down to to today’s “Living the dream”. True soul satisfaction is found in serving. You are never more like Jesus than when you give and when you serve. The Christian life, practically speaking, is learning to receive the love, the grace, the mercy of Jesus, and then giving it away to others.

Week 5 – Walking with God

Walking with God is possibly the most powerful practice of the Christian life. We’ve already talked about prayer, the Bible, and serving. But walking with God is what will keep you praying, what will keep you in God’s word, what will keep you serving – what will actually keep you applying what God is teaching you.

Week 6 – Sharing God

The Great Commission was the last thing that Jesus gave to his followers before he ascended into heaven. He died on the cross, He rose again, He made himself known to his followers. Now He commissions them to proclaim His gospel to the whole world – and it’s what we’re called to do today!