Back to the Basics

Week 1 – Prayer

Prayer was an integral part of the life of Christ and as followers of Christ we are called to follow the powerful example of our King.

Week 2 – Scripture

The Bible has been given to us as a tool to equip and encourage us for Kingdom living in the world. Spending intentional time reading and meditating on scripture is the daily sustenance we need as followers of Christ.

Week 3 – Confession

When we come to God and confess our sins, we will be forgiven and experience freedom and joy. Confession is more than just saying sorry; it’s letting go of our sin and transgression and putting it into the hands of God.

Week 4 – Service

God has created us with good works in mind. At the very least, our purpose on this earth is to serve others and fulfill God’s plan for our lives. God is faithful and will give us opportunities and the resources necessary to make a difference wherever we are.