About Us

We are part of a wider group of Independent Methodist churches throughout the United Kingdom.  Our church was initially founded in the three years 1854 to 1857 when “Cottage Meetings” were held in the homes of various people in the Stubshaw Cross area.  The first church building was built on our current site in 1857.  This church was almost sold in 1875, due to what can only be described as apathy by the members of that time.  However, due to a phenomenal effort by some stalwarts of Independent Methodism, the church was able to recover its former spiritual life, and thankfully, continues to this day.

The second church building was erected on the current site in 1907.  It cost a grand total of £594.  This building lasted through both World Wars until in early 1979 the decision to close this church was forced upon us (the reason being that the church building had become unsafe due to mining subsidence in the locality and we could no longer insure the place).

However, a few months later, we had the great news that the National Coal Board had accepted full responsibility for the structural damage to our church and were going to compensate us for the loss, which would enable us to build a new church building.  The church was then demolished and the third building (our current building) was erected on the same site and opened for worship in March 1981.