The Book of Romans – The Power of the Gospel

Week 1 – The Problem of Sin

God has made himself known to all of humankind so that no one is without an excuse. Rather than choosing to worship and glorify Him, we have chosen lesser gods like money, fame, success, sex, and substance. This is the problem of sin, and it results in our disconnection from God. We cannot save ourselves from this fallen state. We need a Saviour.

Week 2 – The Rescue from Sin

It is by grace and through faith that we find our rescue from sin. Jesus Christ died for us in order to lift this burden from our shoulders and make us right with God. This, all while we were still sinners and broken. We have been given this hope and it will not disappoint.

Week 3 – The Pursuit of Righteousness

Living a righteous life demands we first die to our old way of living. This pursuit is a daily decision and commitment to saying no to the things we should say no to, and saying yes to the things we should say yes to. The more the old dies, the more we come alive to the new things God wants to do in and through us. The life of a Christian is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It takes sacrificial pursuit.

Week 4 – God Chooses Us

The best news of all is that God has chosen us to be His special possession. He is the ultimate authority and offers mercy, yet also hardens hearts. He is the potter and we are the clay. We are wise to allow Him to shape us into the people He wants us to be. Since God has chosen us, it is a gift that we might choose Him back.

Week 5 – Living Sacrifice

Our lives can be a sweet aroma to the Father. We can choose to live in such a way that God receives glory. This is sacrificial. But, instead of being a dead sacrifice, we are living (so we must keep ourselves from crawling off the altar). With humility, we live this life for God and we gratefully remind ourselves of where we were and where He has led us.