FOCUS – Message Series

A short introductory video to our current message series…

Week 1 – Focus on the good

Much of what we choose to focus on is triggered by what we think about. As we begin this series, Paul talks about the importance of this concept. Our thoughts have the power either to drag us down to an emotional and spiritual valley of death, or to lift us high to a mountaintop. As a foundational rule, focusing on the negatives will make it very difficult for us to see the positives.

Week 2 – Focus on Christ

As we learn from Peter in this passage, we begin to sink and fall in life when we no longer focus on our one true source of hope. Christ is our guiding light in a dark world. When our eyes lock on Him, and our lives are seeking to follow Him, we are able to experience Him in magnificent ways. We have already learned about the power of our thoughts. Now, we take it a step further, and seek to fix our eyes on Christ.

Week 3 – Focus on our future

We often have temptations not only to make our own plans, but we also try our hardest to make those plans happen. We are so focused on having it all figured out, that we miss God’s best in the process. The Bible is full of examples of people who trusted God with every step. If we are thinking the right thoughts and our eyes are fixed on the right person, it’s time to start walking towards the things God has for us in the future, rather than focusing on the past. Will we learn to get out of His way and let Him guide us?

Week 4 – Focus on our Mission

Once we start walking with God, we will begin to be used by God. Jesus does not just want our focus and full attention so that we can have a happy life. God desires to use us to reach a world that is focused elsewhere. Here’s the good news: we don’t have to do it alone. God promises to walk this road with us to get His people back. In fact, Jesus even lays out a step by step guide for us to follow. Will we use it?